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Hey All,

So this blog of mine has dropped off a cliff recently oops! But if you want to keep up to date with what is going off in real time check out my Instagram stories. I have been loving sharing snippets of what the boys and I are getting up to and I am so pleased that after 24hrs it is erased!
In the interest of keeping my blog somewhat alive I thought I would share what has happened this past few weeks or so …

me, nate and judah

Slimming World – This has been going great, including pregnancy weight in 22 weeks I have lost 44.5 pounds and I couldn’t be more pleased with myself! It has taken a lot of saying no but I only I have 2.5 more pounds to hit my goal and I am so pleased I have achieved this before my 30th birthday!

Clothes Shopping – One joy of dropping the pounds is dropping clothes sizes, however this has in short been a frustrating experience to say the least. What is with “fashion” these days I do not know why clothes look like they are made on a mannequin the shape of Miss Square – everything is boxy and HUGE (before we start, I am buying the right size) everything is horrific looking.
I am a Mum, I am in a state of constant pick up –  I don’t want a crop top, and I don’t want something that would make a polo neck look revealing – what is with that?
Why can’t they make clothes for a woman not some prepubescent boy!
Rant over, hopefully now spring/summer collections are arriving I might have more success although I am not counting on it!

Foot Peel – In the quest for clothes I purchased ASOS premier delivery – what a joy I tell you-  very helpful when I seem to send it all back. Anyway I have wanted to for an age to try a foot peel. I had seen some in Boots but there was no way I was spending £20 on one application so I found StarSkin ones on ASOS and oh my word it was divine!
I put them on for the maximum time allowed and originally thought they hadn’t worked, however within 3 days it started to work it’s magic and everything is peeling off – I will have baby soft feet for the summer. I really think they were worth the cost, much better than filing and horrific foot machines.

Fireplace – If you have been following me on Instagram you will already be aware of my DIY success. When we moved into our current home, we had a 6 week old, it was Christmas, the owners prior to us had left the house in April so it had that un-lived in vibe, the boiler wouldn’t switch on, there was no TV aerial and oh yes we had a six week old.
I tell you this so you will understand that when Luke mentioned he couldn’t get the fireplace working there were far more important things on our list, such as all of the above. There has always been something more interesting or would make more of an impact than the fireplace, our house isn’t cold so we just left it till later, anyway this past weekend I said to Luke – you know what I should try the fireplace and see if I can get it to work, I wasn’t hopeful – I am not great at anything like this but it was worth a shot before we brought someone out.
Well, it turns out that our fireplace was never broken! Within the first go, the fire was lit, the room became toasty warm and poor Luke who on the day of move in was juggling a million and one things and has never checked the fireplace again was left a little bemused as to what has happened – he took it like a champ though and posted on Instagram his “error”

I think I have caught you up with everything that has been going off around these parts, I don’t know about you but I am looking forward to some Spring like weather and perhaps a few posts on what the boys and I are up to out and about!




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