Catch Up

This week has been full on! I don’t think we could have crammed more things into it if we tried.

Luke and I had Wednesday and Thursday off this week as sadly his Grandad had passed away and the funeral was in Kent which is a trip and half thanks to the M25. On the Wednesday we took a really leisurely trip down. We stopped at Lakeside Shopping Centre and then hopped over the bridge and went to Bluewater. I needed to go to Lakeside as they have a Taco Bell and this girls got some Mexican fast food craving oh how I miss America for the food! And when is Chick- fil- A coming to England? I want some waffle fries please!

While at Bluewater I had to stock up on some Essie nail varnish because I am sorely disappointed in the wear of Nails Inc so have decided to give Essie a go and see how that fairs with this retail hands of mine. How cute are the bottles! And the brushes cover your nail in one swipe which is brilliant the dry time on them is pretty good to the only downside is there not out in every store of Boots and Superdrug even Meadowhall didn’t have any so hence me having it on my list to grab while we were down South.

After getting set up in the Hotel and dinner out we had a chance to catch up with Luke’s Aunt, Uncle and cousins since they live a ways from us we seem to just meet up at family events which is a shame because it was such a lovely evening with them, watching the opening of the Paralympics and hanging out.
Thursday was as you would expect a tough day for all, I really think though that funerals cause you to stop and think about your life. Most of the time we are just going about the motions of everyday living and not thinking about eternity and where we are going to be after this temporary time on earth. I want my family at my funeral to know 100% where I am to take confidence that I am a better place in my Father’s House.
After the wake we then started the journey back home, we were quite pleased when the Sat –Nav said we would be home 7.10pm as we would both be back at work the next day can you imagine our faces as we were stuck on the M1 between Junctions 10-13 so we got home at 9.30pm :o(
After a day at work on Friday we went out to celebrate my sisters birthday which is actually on Monday but this was the day that worked for all we had some great Italian food! I can’t believe she is going to be 23! It makes me feel so old lol.
I am looking forward to a more relaxed and steady pace for the next two weeks before we are off work for 2 weeks I can’t wait!


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