Changing Bag Review


I talked in my latest post about how I wanted to become a
more committed blogger and how I had some new ideas lined up for this year. One
idea which I know I find useful on other peoples blogs is reviews, I have
bought so many items on the recommendations of bloggers and also stopped myself
buying things that wouldn’t suit me after reading the review. 
This post is going to be a review and a
What’s in My Changing Bag.  As Nathanael
is only 8 weeks old this is not an exhaustive list but works for us right now,
if you have any ideas or suggestions of things I would love to hear it you can
post it in the comments section below and I will respond.
The changing bag I have is the Skip Hop Via Messenger Bag in
black. Firstly is it worth the price? A huge resounding yes! If you’re looking
for a changing bag that your husband will carry and use this is the bag to go
for, Luke would have changed Nathanael anyway but there is no need for me to
make the process worse but making him sport a bag in a hot pink colour.
What I love about the Messenger Bag is that there is a place
for everything – with 18 pockets you can make sure that clothes are sectioned
off from nappies, you can store your purse/wallet away from baby related items
and it has places for bottles to be snug also.
What tops off the bag for me is how it attaches to
Nathanael’s pushchair it has Shuttle Clips which fold over the bars of the
pushchair allowing me to access the bag quickly and more importantly gives me
so much more room underneath the pushchair. Now I know you could suggest
hanging changing bags over the arms of the pushchair and your right you could,
but so many pushchairs have just one solid arm which would be quite hard to
hang a bag from also they usually end up hitting the floor ruining it.

 Front of Changing Bag
Back of Changing Bag
Side Pockets
 Inside Main Pocket
In the first back pocket it has an antimicrobial treated pocket which reduces bacteria. In this pocket I keep my bebe au lait nursing cover.

In the pocket above I keep the changing mat which comes with the bag.

When you open the main section of the bag which has a magnetic closure you have a futher 2 pockets in the bag. In the top pocket I keep baby wipes I really like the water wipes brand. In the bottom pocket I keep my breastpads I highly recomend the Lansinoh brand.

In the main compartment which as you can see has multiple pockets I keep at least 6 nappies in at a time. In the zip compartment I keep 2 changes of clothes for Nathanael as well as some bibs. There is also a place to keep bottles if you were formula feeding your baby.

In the side pockets I keep some trusty hand gel I should invest in the company! The last thing I have in my changing bag is the Tommee Tippee Wrap and Go Nappy Dispenser, is it wrong to say I like the smell of these bags?
So thats whats in my changing bag if you haven’t already done so check me out on twitter to see what I am up to!


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