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So 2017 has long been finished now, where did January go! It is time to reflect back on those projects and looking forward at 2018. What is in store – aka, what does Kiri have in store for me. On our phones we have a “Home Improvements” list that we can both add to and update as required, we had one for 2017, we’ve got one for 2018 and we actually have one for 2019!!!

The 2017 Projects were:

1. Finished Front Garden – We made good headway on the Garden Renovation in 2017 but this one will continue into 2018; waiting for the grass to grow etc. There will be an update this spring/summer regarding both our front and back gardens I’m sure.

2. Lounge Decoration – This was a finished project last year and Kiri is very happy not to be looking at a mucky dark red wall and we have nice grey curtains rather then yellow flowery ones.

3. Office Transformation – I mentioned in my 2017 update towards the middle of last year that this project was no longer required.

4. Update Pantry – This was completed last year which had its own Pantry Decoration update, to read at your leisure.

5. Repointing Patio – This was 80% completed last summer; the plan for this year is to clean the slabs and finish off the last section of patio, before moving onto the path that runs around the side of the house as the same attention is required.

6. Garage Organisation Part 2 – This was not completed, however there is a plan to rearrange our garage completely this year, read below to find out more.

So 2018 — what is planned:

1. Garden Renovation (Continued) – This will be a continuation of all the work that the Smith clan started last year. The front and back gardens will both be receiving a lot of TLC this year to finish the patio repointing, weed and feed the lawn (however we have a local lawn treatment service helping with that as it was far beyond our capabilities) and laying some new grass seed.

2. Front Door – The previous owners did not leave the door in a great place; scratches from their dogs and they screwed shut the letter box when they moved out so it couldn’t receive post – most helpful… not. The plan is to repaint the door and fit a new (posher) letter box, the reason we haven’t replaced it in the meantime was as to take the current letter box off and replace it with one we like it would leave a lot of visible undercoat showing, grim.

3. Garage Renovation – The second renovation project for this year, a theme is starting to occur. This year, after Kiri showed me a YouTube video of how someone organised their garage in America, I really want to organise our garage in the same way. Very excited about this – sad I know.

4. Attic Renovation – Ah Yes, the theme is definitely real. When we moved in the attic was a floorless blank space, I have since put flooring down in the main section but this year Kiri and I want to go through all the stuff up there and have a clear out; Unused items. Memory Boxes. Old kids toys and equipment, and much more. Kiri says we are not keeping clutter for clutters sake, so a major clear out will be happening, along with more flooring and hopefully some shelving and lighting to organise what is left.

5. Kiri’s Office (Smith HQ) – This is a matter of HIGH IMPORTANCE. This harks back to some indecision on my part when we moved into our house back in December 2013. I got a little excited to have my own dedicated home office, however I made some poor furniture choices, not my fault, clearly IKEA’s… Anyway, as mentioned in my 2017 update last year, I moved my office upstairs, which has been great for the family as a whole. BUT I left Kiri with the aftermath of my poor furniture choices, so here is my public apology and this year I will be putting it right with a large amount of filler and a couple of coats of paint to restore this room, now title ‘Smith HQ’ to its former glory. I have promised Kiri that this will be done very early in 2018, however I’m already one month down and I haven’t started yet…

So this is the list for year, I will keep you updated throughout the year.SaveSave

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