Easter Craft for Toddlers

When most people think Easter Crafts they may think of complicated things such as Easter Hats, Baskets or that Hill of Calvary planting pot that lets face it requires ALOT of work and upkeep and I just don’t think a toddler is going to grasp the concept of what that actually means.
This requires zero planning, zero preparation and when you wake up on Good Friday it will take you all of one minute to achieve.

Good Friday, the day our Saviour was crucified it can be overlooked lets face it we want to overlook it, we want to get to the good part where we rejoice in His resurrection.
We don’t want to dwell on what put Jesus hanging on that cross years ago, bruised, tortured, humiliated … it was us, you, me, My sins, the things I have done wrong, the mistakes I have made, he took my place.
Jesus took Nathanael’s place too, even though Nathanael can’t speak his name, and he doesn’t understand who Jesus is yet, Jesus still took his place before Nathanael knew him.

So to teach Nathanael what Jesus went through and how much he loved him I will mark Nathanael’s hands with a red dot (a lip cream is perfect, paint won’t do as it will rub off and you don’t want a permanent marker when your child is putting their hands to their mouth!)

hand 2

Nathanael will see this dot, he may point to it, and I can remind him as we read the Bible together of our God who loved him so much that he sacrificed his one and only Son for us.

”It wasn’t the nails that kept Jesus there. It was love.” Sally Lloyd Jones The Jesus Storybook Bible

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