Entering Toddlerhood

I wasn’t going to post anything today on my blog, a busy week in the Smith household has left me a bit on the back foot with chores but something is on my heart and I need to write it down.

When that precious bundle of your baby boy is plopped into your arms for the very first time and his eyes searching for something to focus on hits yours, a rush of love no one will ever understand occurs. You love him, care for him, protect and shelter him. Those first few months everyone and their dog wants to share in this miracle by having a cuddle and who can blame them? your child is perfection and you’re running on this love for them.

Then the age of toddlerhood begins and the look of fear enters peoples eyes, phrases like “wait till he is (insert name) age” I have found this occurring more and more frequently and surprisingly the culprits are parents of young ones themselves.
Facebook statuses filled with “my child is a terror” and “ I can’t believe what he has done now”  Now some are most definitely in jest, little ones are hilarious and why not spread that joy amongst your friends but the majority I have found to be disheartening to say the least.

Ball pool

What happens between eleven months to twelve months that causes such despair amongst people? To me I can’t wait, this is where Nathanael’s personality is going to shine through, where all those small steps are going to pay off and where he will discover so many new and interesting things!

I am one of the least positive people you will meet, ok maybe I am not that bad .. but I purposefully surround myself with friends who are extremely positive I have one friend who I can truly say I have never heard one negative comment out of her mouth (Charlotte H I am looking at you)
Why do I surround myself with positive friends? because positivity breeds positivity the more time I spend with these people the more I am encouraged to be positive too.

This is what we must do with our children, we need to be their biggest supporters, their greatest encouragers, if they are not getting that from their parents who do you think they will get it from?

We also need to be wise and make sure we are not setting our child up for a fall. No child is going to sit through an hour of anything quiet and subdued, the world is far too exciting for that!
So my plan is to let go of things that I want, that I would like to do and make small steps with Nathanael. Perhaps his attention span is 5 minutes then we will do 5 minutes of something, perhaps he can listen really attentively to something for 3 minutes that is amazing, well done, great job!
Encourage your child they are young, they don’t understand but you do. Are you encouraging and supporting them or are you critiquing and complaining about them? Without having gone through toddlerhood yet I know that you are going to get out what you put in.

Lets stand around these parents and encourage them as their children go through these formative years, we are so eager to cuddle their babies, lets pray over their toddlers!


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