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I was so excited to receive my Erin Condren Life Planner that it just had to have an individual blog post!
I purchased my planner back in October, I wanted to get a head start with my Christmas planning especially regarding Blogmas and blogging in general.
Here at Wonderfully Random life can interrupt consistent posting or I may have an ideas block, I have wanted for a long time to be in a position that if I didn’t write on any given week I would still have content available and the Life Planner has helped me achieve this!

The best place to start is right at the front, the joy of an Erin Condren Life Planner is that you can customise pretty much everything about the planner. The design, the text, whether to add photographs, to have the foil pages, stickers, labels, you name it Erin Condren provides it. I highly recommend you checking out the website, even if the planner isn’t for you they have some great products well worth a look.
I chose the Zen Gems option, as lovely as the designs are, I liked this one with a white background and a pop of colour.

Front Cover
When you open up the planner, the inside of the cover has a few lined spaces where perhaps you could put your contact details should you loose your planner and then proceeds with some designed quotes.

first pages

When you get into the main body of the planner there is a year at a glance this has no writing space, it just gives you an overview of the dates and what day they fall on this calendar year.

Year at a glance
At the start of each month, (which is easy to find on the corresponding tab) a clear month at a glance is given on a two page spread. This is perfect for planning out blog posts, any events that are taking place, birthdays, anniversaries etc. It gives you the ultimate overview to your month.

month at a glance

This then leads onto your weekly spread over two pages.The days are divided into Morning, Afternoon and Evening and what I personally love is that the Weekends get there own individual day, most planners have a habit of grouping the weekend together which I just find a problem. I think as a Christian my busiest days are a Sunday with church meeting, socialising etc. and I like that I have a clear space to write in.

week at a glance

At the back of the planner is a gorgeous note section, with lined and blank pages that compliment the design of the overall planner followed by the next two years at a glance.

lined pages

blank pages

This is where you can really customise what you want to add to your planner, you are given two pages of printed stickers which can be repositioned throughout the planner as well as two pages of blank stickers.

blank stickers

printed stickers

You are also provided with a perpetual calendar and contacts, perfect for keeping up with birthdays and anniversaries as well as a cute sealable pouch to keep invitations or contact cards when you’re out and about.

back pages

I decided to customise some stickers specific to my blogging schedule and I also chose to purchase some coil clips which allows you to stick and move things in your planner, perfect for adding in My 2015 Goals.

coil clips

insert pages

Before I checked out my cart I added these cute elastics to keep the planner closed and organised as well as these adorable pens, while this isn’t essential to the planner I liked how it finished the whole thing off!


So what do you think of the planner? What are your some organizing tips that help keep you on schedule?
Should you wish to purchase your own planner take use of the Erin Condren mailing list, if you sign up to their promotional e-mails they will send you a $10 coupon as a welcome gift (correct at time of post) If you use this link it will let them know I sent you across thank you for your support!


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