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Hey Lovelies,

When deciding on what to call this post my husband came up with the title “bankrupt” oh how witty he is! If your a dedicated follower on Wonderfully Random you may remember my post back in April Too Many Products, in the post I share all my excess beauty products and confess I am a shopaholic/hoarder.

Well I am so impressed with myself I have stuck to my no spending unless I need it in this area and have got through so many products that I will have to share an “empties” post with you all or as I like to call it, “ Who wants to see my rubbish”

However the area I really feel that I need to work on is my makeup collection/hoarding/overspending/Kiri you only have one face you are not a beauty guru.

Unlike beauty bloggers I have to look at my stash and own the fact I have purchased every piece of it ouch! so I am operating a purely one in one out policy for my dressing table.

Here’s the scene of the crime …

Makeup drawer 2
Makeup drawer 1

I have a semi organization to my drawers, starting at the left is foundations, primers and powders. The next section is concealer, individual eyeshadows, small eyeshadow palettes, eyelash curlers, mascara, eyeliner. The next is my high end lipstick, the next is blusher, highlighter, drugstore lipstick. Following on from that is hand gel and make up wipes and at the end are my large eye palettes.
I have more than enough for one person, and this is by no means a “look at much i have post” this is a “look at how much i have overspent, how ridiculous post”

I think the verse that springs to mind is 1 Peter 3-4, I love the Complete Jewish Bible version.
Your beauty should not consist in externals such as fancy hairstyles, gold jewellery or what you wear; rather, let it be the inner character of your heart, with the imperishable quality of a gentle and quiet spirit. In God’s sight this is of great value.

So join in with me today, check your spirit, do you have an excess in your life. It might not be make up or beauty products but it could be too many hours in front of the TV, it could be eating to excess. It might be an excess of opinion – do you think  your being helpful with unwarranted advice? Only you know, be honest you don’t need to post in an online way you could mark a date in your diary and say with God’s help that you need help to change in this area.  If your willing leave a comment below and we can encourage one another (1 Thessalonians 5:11)


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