February Favourites 2018

What a great month February has been, with Nathanael having a school break, celebrations of every kind as well as lots of projects on the go, it has been a full and satisfying month.

Nostell Priory had to be at the top of my February favourites, it was such a good trip, not too far from where we lived and with plenty of walks suitable for a toddling 16 month old at the time. The adventure playground was a hit with my boys, and the walk around the lake was gorgeous too, I am really looking forward to spending some spring and summer days there.

Oasis Backpack: I had put off for a long time the purchase of a backpack. I was sure that I could get away with it but with two boys now who love to be outdoors and constantly needing to be on their level it usually meant one or both of us was hit with the bag falling from my shoulder. This Oasis bag has been great, it’s nice and big without being overwhelming on my frame and the joy of shoulder pains or being pulled on my bag has been great.

I must say that I am thrilled with Blog HQ or Mum Headquarters depending what I am up to. Luke worked hard to make the walls all nice and smooth again and with a fresh coat of paint it is perfect. If you haven’t read his witty post you can here

Next Stacking Cups: As we entered the new year we like to take stock of things that might need replacing or updating in the home and we started with our everyday essentials. I have lots of cups that are specific to me such as my Emma Bridgewater mug or mugshoppe cups but I needed some that were suitable for guests and that all went together. We found these at Next and often its the simple things that I bring a smile to my face, I really love being a homemaker.

Another edition to the house was a new chair for my office, I had a standard office chair on wheels that would spin around but half the time I felt I would fall off the thing something was definitely wrong with it and it was such an eyesore in a lovely cream room it had to go. I picked up this basic chair at Ikea that fits nicely underneath my table, perfect for Mum headquarters and a little touch of pink never did anyone any harm in a house full of boys.

L’Occitane Ultra Rich Lip Balm; A standard winter staple and the perfect stocking stuffer from my sister at Christmas. My lips have been so chapped recently with all the changes of temperature and being in and out with picking Nate up from school this really has worked wonders!

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