February Favourites

The end of the month has arrived and you know that means only one thing … yes it’s time for my monthly favourites!

1. Six Nations – Oh yeah baby Rugby is back and England are in fine form we demolished Wales, we have destroyed Italy and this weekend is Ireland. I would advise anyone in a 3 mile radius of my home to buy ear plugs because I will be shouting at the TV until we beat them!

2. American Fridge – A Kitchen Update will be coming soon but
finally after a year of us owning our family home we have our family
sized American Fridge. I absolutely adore it, the crisper alone is worth
the money our salad and fruit stay fresher for much longer preventing
waste. I know I may seem childish when I say I am thrilled with the
drinks machine aspect of it but I don’t care because I can now crush or
cube ice at the touch of a button. This was well worth the saving up for
so thank you to family and friends who gave us contributions to the
fund at Christmas!

3. Nathanael Walking – February saw Nathanael taking walks
outside he loves to be outdoors the typical man boy that he is.
Nathanael even managed to grace us with two independent steps at his
Nanna’s 60th Birthday party! What a way to up the birthday girl!

4. Max Factor Creme Puff BlushAccording
to various Beauty Bloggers this product is apparently a dupe for
Hourglass Ambient Lightening Blushes. I can’t comment on that because I
wouldn’t spend that much on one blusher and the set is just ridiculous …
anyway I really love these Max Factor ones I have the colours 10 Nude
Mauve and 15 Seductive Pink. I love the nude option when I have been
wearing a bolder lip.

5. Roses – What girl doesn’t love flowers for Valentines!

6. Week In PicturesYou
can catch up with our week staycation in our Week in Pictures but it
was great to have Luke at home all week and we were quite productive
this time painting the kitchen.

7. Planner Stickers – I spoke of my love for my Erin Condren Life Planner here
and now after being sucked into several plan with me videos on YouTube I
have an appreciation for planner stickers on etsy. Now seriously my
church is in a former warehouse so bells it certainly does not have
never mind a steeple but how cute are these stickers! I long for a date
at a coffee shop just to use my coffee cups … I know you don’t need to
say it … my poor husband!

8. Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection Tapered Blush Brush 300There
is quite a bit of hype surrounding the Bold Metals Collection which
Real Techniques has recently released. This should come as no surprise
when they have a star of YouTube plugging their products in every
tutorial. I do think this collection is quite oddly placed in Boots,
wrapped in plastic next to products half their price, obviously they
have a exclusivity deal but I do wonder if this is the best store for
the product or if the shop could have done something better to present
the product. I do think most will walk past this item wondering if they
are anything special. I have to say I would ignore the line and just
pick up this brush! I am a nightmare when applying blusher, I can never
find a brush small enough to do the job and this is perfect, the very
fact that it is tapered makes applying any blusher easy.

9. Jimmy PiggsYou
know something is a favourite when you visit twice in the space of four
days but honestly this place serves the best hazelnut latte you are
ever going to try and the best customer service to go along with it!

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