High Five For Friday

Hey Lovelies,

I hope you have all had an amazing week and are looking forward to the approaching weekend. I am so thankful its Friday as its one day closer to my birthday tomorrow!
Anyway lets jump right into my favourite things from the past week;

1.  On Monday Nate and I got to hang out with Rachel and Joel. We went to a group which talked about our birth experience and how they could improve services to care. We walked out scarred and we have been through the birth process! Needless to say we wont be going back, but the joy is having a friend who when your in an awful situation you can laugh about it and still have a good time!

2. This past weekend we took a quick trip to the Lakeside Village (I still call this place the Yorkshire Outlet) Anyway it has a Gap Outlet store which was having an extra sale. Now I am one where I can never find things in sale that I like, however I must have been having a good day as I scored a cardigan and a jumper for the princely sum of £14, go me! I love their knitwear as it is so soft and comfortable. An outfit of the day will be coming up shortly.

3. This week I finished Seeking God by Esther de Waal. I bought this from a blogpost recommendation (which I can’t find now how annoying) by Micha Boyett in which she talked about how after the birth of her son she found it difficult to carve out time for God and her spirit life. I can totally relate! Anyway in this post and I believe her book Found she points to The Benedictine Rule. Curious I bought this book which explains the rule in greater detail. It was a great read and I was encouraged by becoming more accepting of the present moment and how to draw nearer to God by the use of Psalms especially in my prayer life.

4.  After moving into our home in December which had stood empty for the whole of Summer, our garden was in need of some major TLC. I am by no means a gardener its difficult to feel passionate about flowers when your sneezing every five seconds. However this house is our family home and I am grasping the nettle with both hands, whenever the weather has let up I have been out there with my trowel digging up dandelions. It came to a point this week that the grass just needed to be cut, I was going for the “wild garden look” that they comment on an episode of Gardner’s World, yet my garden had too much roar and not enough grass. I am ever so pleased to report our garden has improved greatly now Luke has cut it, now on with getting the moss out from the patio.

5. Yesterday morning I was able to meet up with my friend Nicola for a coffee and a good chat. I love the type of friends where you haven’t seen on a long time and you can pick up where you left off. When life gets busy you have to become intentional about friendships and I have to say that I am guilty of letting time slip by. Anyway yesterday was a great chance to catch up and talk about life, the time slipped by quickly! Nicola has a great blog which you can check out here

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