Home Projects 2016

Home Projects

The beginning of the year always sees a reassessment of life, work and personal goals, but I like to throw in a few home projects too – just to keep Luke on his toes!

I am quite pleased so far on all the improvements we have made so far in our ‘new’ home, in 2 short years we have renovated the kitchen, installed a full pantry, decorated Nathanael’s and the main bedroom, thankfully painted over the hideous purple downstairs! Decorated the en-suite as well as installing a new shower and finally set up a home office and blogging headquarters!
With a baby/toddler in tow for most of this I think we deserve a pat on the back for all that work however there are 2 last areas of our house that I can’t stand;

The Dreaded Magenta Bedroom – honestly I do not know what the last home occupants were on because there is nothing relaxing about neon pink.
This room also happens to be the guest bedroom, so many apologies are made before people stay the night! With it being the guest bedroom though it is easy to close off and ignore hence why it has been on the bottom of the to do list.
This room requires several good coats of cream, neutral paint – and also a new carpet, as well as shocking taste in bedroom decor the previous owners left some gorgeous candle wax on the floor as a souvenir – and when I say some  – think half a jar!

The Blue Lagoon aka The Main Bathroom – the kitchen used to be this colour and I hated it, and I loathe it in the bathroom – no offence if your bathroom is blue but it is just so cliché to deck your bathroom out like it is some pirate ship or nautical theme and as you can tell I really do not like colour. Cream is a gorgeous shade, there is nothing offensive about it, no one has strong opinions on it, and when should you come to sell your home you don’t spend 3 months painting over things!

With dreary weather and nothing much planned for the next few months hopefully we can tackle these projects soon – keep your eyes peeled for updates!

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