House Update – Nathanael’s Playroom

Cast your minds back to February of last year and this post where I posted on how we turned a horrible blue room into Nathanael’s bedroom. I had good intentions to complete a post in most rooms of our new house, to document for our family on how much we have achieved in such short time of living here. Well since that post we have finished our Master Bedroom, painted our en suite bathroom and personally fitted a new shower, added cupboards to our utility room, decorated our home office and painted our blogging/music room. In short we have been busy so you may find a few catch up posts on the blog over the next few months!

By far the easiest room to create was Nathanael’s playroom, this use to be our dining room but we just weren’t using it for that, our kitchen is spacious so accommodates a table quiet well and this is much more convenient for us as a family.

Shortly before Nathanael’s first birthday we removed our very large formal dining table, bookcase and any furniture not baby friendly. We purchased as mentioned here the trofast storage system for Ikea, ideal for Nate’s toys and can be repurposed as he grows up.

I then looked at how I could make the space more engaging for Nathanael, turning the dining room into a playroom was a spur of the moment thing. We didn’t have a budget specifically allocated for this project, as Nathanael’s birthday and Christmas was around the corner I wanted a cost effective solution.

I printed these ABC bible verses from a free printable I found, I simply laminated them and used this small pegs I had from when I use to scrapbook. Cost for me = free

ABC scripture

I again found this free printable online and repurposed a frame we previously owned, I think these are good character qualities that I would encourage Nathanael to have and can be a talking point in the future. Cost for me = free


We purchased these large Educational posters from Toys R Us, we chose to hang them again on string so they can easily be brought down to use everyday, not only are they great tool to learn with they really brighten up the space. Cost for me = £3.50 each

Wall Posters

We refilled Luke’s childhood beanbag and popped this in Nathanael’s playroom to create a reading corner (its current purpose for Nate is a climbing frame) Cost for me = Free


This space is absolutely perfect for a play room, we have French doors straight into the garden so when spring and summer arrive Nathanael can play both inside and outside freely. It has allowed his large toys to be permanently up in this room, we don’t have to keep putting them up and down and he can easily access toys that he wants.


I am so pleased with the finished result most things we previously owned, repurposed or free. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

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