Januuary/February Favourites

1. Sherlock A controversial one I know with some disappointed with the season, and I have got to say that I wasn’t a fan of the strangling or the whole twist with redbeard, my mothers heart can’t take that at the moment. However the whole season was worth it for the last 10 minutes of the final episode. I just love Sherlock and I will be so sad if that is the last series!

2. Voxer App I have been loving this app this month, with one child or another usually surrounding me I don’t have the time, hands or lets face it patience to text so using this app like a walkie talkie to message Luke has been great!

3. Deborah Crombie (Duncan Kincaid/Gemma James novels) With cluster feeding at night in full force I have a good one and a half hours where I stationary, this is the perfect time to devour some books. At the moment I am averaging a book every 2 nights, and I have been loving the Duncan Kincaid/Gemma James novels, with it being a detective series it is the perfect easy fiction for me, a new case each book but with main characters I am invested in already.

4. Radio 4 – Last month Judah hit his four month sleep regression – argh! Copious amounts of coffeehelped me to get through the day and at night to keep me awake while I was feeding Judah it was the wonder of radio 4. I am up to date with most political events throughout the world as well as listening to the joy of Brain of Britain, Moral Maze and A Good Read.

5. Judah’s Dedication The highlight of January had to have been Judah’s dedication. We had a great time with family and friends celebrating the wonderful gift that Judah is to us.

6. Slimming World If you have visited my blog recently you will have noticed there hasn’t been a great variety of posts because plain and simple I lack time! There is no way I am going to sacrifice precious time with my family to blog – it would be a bit ridiculous blogging motherhood and my life without actually being present in it!
One thing that I  managed to keep up with are my slimming world meal plan posts and that has definitely been a favourite over the past few months, it has kept me on track and  has provided some structure to my eating without wanting to devour the biscuit tin!


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