Judah Eleven Month Update

Judah 11 months

Weight: 18lbs 15oz

Length: who knows!

Eating: Everything and anything!

Sleeping: 7.30pm – 6.30am

Nappies: Size 4 Pampers.

Clothes: 9-12 months

Things Judah likes to do:
Judah’s adventures have continued this month and it really is hard to know where to start. The appearance of his top two teeth in recent weeks has really helped him to get through his food quickly and he now complains when meal times are over.
Judah loves to explore the world around him and he has successfully (with mummy behind him) scaled the stairs. Climbing appears to be a passion as he was so impressed with himself when he got to the top, he gave himself a round of applause.
The theme of being active continues from last month as he still loves running around with his push– a-long walker, he can’t quite grasp the turning it around just yet but Nathanael loves to help him which is very sweet to watch.
Judah has also attempted to stand unaided, he shoves his bum in the air and can get about half way to standing before he flops on the floor, I can’t believe he is trying this at his age!
Whenever the weather has been nice we have been out and about on small daytrips with the whole family or anything that mummy can pull together for the three of us. One of Judah’s favourite outings is a simple trip to the park, he loves to be out on the swings – next to his brother of course.
There has been a lot of talking in the past few weeks, and we all love to talk back to him with whatever he has said, this has also coincided with his appreciation for books. Judah loves any book that is either touchy- feel kind or ones with flaps and loves to join in with the story too.


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