Judah Four Month Update

Judah 4 month

Weight: 12lbs 15oz – Has done so well to double his birth weight before his 4 month birthday!

Length: Not a clue!

Eating: Not tracking in any way shape or form, just feeding on demand as and when needed.

Sleeping: I shared in Judah’s three month update that he has been sleeping through the night extremely well and that has been pretty much the case for this month, however we have had a few 4am or random wake up calls because the poor boy is teething. I thought Nathanael was early to start teething but Judah has taken it to a whole new level! It was around 14 weeks we started to see his teeth through his gums and it seems we have been waiting forever for one to come through!

Nappies: Still using our remaining stash of size 2 then moving up to size 3

Clothes: 3-6 months although we have a few 0-3 months in the rotation still.

Things Judah likes to do:  Judah’s favourite thing to do this past month is to watch his brother and I have never seen anything so adorable.
Judah will readily smile at us especially in the morning but we do have to give him some encouragement however with Nathanael his whole face lights up when he sees him, Nate at the moment doesn’t seem to notice how much his little brother loves him, but he always makes sure to kiss him good night and to give him a “high five” too!
Judah is teething something chronic, he has moved from a few fingers in his mouth to a whole fist which is quite an art! He does have a few teething toys that in the past few weeks he seems to enjoy giving a big old chew to, one we have affectionately named “lion of Judah” – if you follow me on Instagram you will see a photo on there.
Judah isn’t a fan of tummy time I think this is because he will usually have his brother running around the living room at the time, but he does love to be playing on his mat on his back hitting animals and shakers that are on there.
This month Judah has completed all of his injections until a year old which I am really glad to see the end of, not because he was particularly effected by them, perhaps a more sleepier than usual it is the waiting in the doctors full of sick people which is a pain.
Judah is also becoming increasingly interested in watching us eat food, smacking his lips together copying us, so I am extremely hopeful that this will put us in good stead for baby led weaning. I have a Stokke Tripp Trapp on order – what a treat! I always wanted one with Nathanael but with the expense of every other baby item I just couldn’t justify it, so as Judah has all the hand-me-downs a treat to me and him will be the new highchair!


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