Judah Six Month Update


Judah 6 months

Weight: 14lbs 8 oz

Length: 66cm

Eating: The start of baby led weaning has begun and honestly I was fully expecting a disaster purely because it went so well with Nathanael. I couldn’t have been more wrong!
Judah has dived into food like a champ we started with some crushed carrot on a crumpet and he picked it up and put it in his mouth like he had been eating from the start.
I think it has helped immensely that he has been sitting at the table with us watching for ages, and he also benefits that we have done this before so I know what are great foods to try, and also I am not stressing about the gag reflex.

Sleeping: There has been a momentous occasion in our household this past week – moving Judah to his own room! Say it isn’t so! I am bereft, it is another sign of him growing up (ok I am being a tad dramatic here) the transition has gone really well. I don’t really think Judah had noticed he had moved into another room until a few days ago where because of a cold he has been awake a few times in the night.

Nappies: Size 3 Pampers.

Clothes: 6-9 months.

Things Judah likes to do:
Another month and Judah has achieved so much in this short space of time, to begin with he has found a love for his feet, he is constantly grabbing them while he is on his back, he loves to have them tickled and he has such a fun time in his jumperoo kicking about in there too.
I explained last month that Judah started with the more difficult roll first that being from his back to his front, well he has now mastered the front roll to his back and I will often find him a good distance away from his play mat now in his great travels around the room. The lovingly hand crafted changing table has moved back into storage because we can no longer trust him not to roll away!
I feel like we have been waiting forever and a day for the appearance of some teeth and sadly as of yet none have made an appearance which brings me onto Judah’s favourite thing of the moment is to have his finger, fingers or his whole fist lodged into his mouth pretty much all the time, we must get through 3 or 4 bibs an hour because of all the drool!
I have spoken about Judah’s love for Nathanael but this past month it has been adorable to watch Nathanael play with Judah, it has really helped that Judah can last for longer periods of time in his Mama’s and Papa’s Baby Snug, it’s now become a familiar sound to hear Nathanael asking “Judah play” and of course Judah just beams with delight!

It was perfect that Judah turned six months on Mother’s Day, I absolutely adore both my boys. Judah is such a precious gift to the whole family and I can’t wait to see what the next six months have in store for us all!


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