Judah Ten Month Update

Judah 10 months

Weight: 18lbs 8oz

Length: who knows!

Eating: Everything and anything, Judah eats the same meals as the family a particular favourite at the moment is Turkey Koftas.

Sleeping: 7.30pm – 6.30am

Nappies: Size 3 Pampers.

Clothes: some 6-9 month clothes as well as 9-12 months

Things Judah likes to do:
This month has been so busy for Judah as he mastered so many skills in such a short amount of time. I think he has become so desperate to charge around after his brother he wanted to speed up the process of growing up.
At the start of the month Judah began pulling himself up to stand, this happened on a wide variety of objects from sofa, ottoman, baby gates, his cot bed and the fireguard. There is not an item of furniture that has not proved useful for Judah to rise himself up against and he absolutely loves to stand, all morning long, he just wants to view the world from his feet now.
It took only 3 days from him standing to his feet to being able to cruise against all the foresaid furniture and while Mummy’s heart was breaking he proceeded to master the technique more efficiently.
It has taken the whole of the month to encourage Judah to sit himself down so content he is on his feet he would just moan a little for you to help him sit and then after a short rest get straight back up!
If this all wasn’t too much Judah has decided that he doesn’t want to be restricted by stationary objects, he is going places so within a month from not being able to stand he can now walk using a push along walker – not the kind you sit babies in, a fully fledged push it yourself walker! I am in shock and can’t believe he has mastered this but very proud of him all the same.
Judah’s personality this month has really shone through, he is fearless and daring, sure falling over happens in the attempt to move from one place to the next but he quickly gets over it and tries again. In the same way he is very determined and doesn’t want to be restricted by anything, he will tell you if he wants to be off to explore.
It has been a joy this past month, who knows what surprises Judah will have in store for us this month, because as much as I tell him to slow down he keeps ignoring me!


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