Jungle Gym Review

Hey Lovelies,

I know that when Luke and I were purchasing items for Nate’s
arrival, one of the items I felt overwhelmed by choice besides the pram, was a
play mat. I kid you not there are hundreds of baby gyms type options you can
choose from. The main consideration we had in mind while purchasing Nate’s was
that it had to be unisex and I wanted something that could be a play mat but
also had interactive toys overhead as well.
We chose the Fisher-Price Rain Forest Melodies and Lights
Deluxe Gym (what a mouthful!) This gym fits all of our criteria and Nate is
really getting the full use of all the options that it comes with.

As expected with it being described as a Rain Forest the mat
is brightly coloured, this is essential for your babies development I believe
at around eight weeks of age they begin to see primary colours and soon after
that they begin to see green, orange and any other deep colours. I saw a whole
host of mats that looked adorable in cream, beige and brown and although they
would work wonderfully with the colour scheme in my living room, they are not
going to help Nathanael’s development. When choosing a mat think bold and

The mat has attachments overhead where a selection of
animals can be hung; you get a monkey, butterflies, an elephant, a toucan and a
parrot. There is also a giraffe which is part of the cross over attachments
which holds a mirror. All of the animals except the giraffe can be taken off
the gym and be played with separately Nate really likes the elephant as it has
noisy beads encased in plastic, this is great to distract him during tummy

Now as sounds for babies go I have heard worse! It has four
“musical” tunes or you can choose rain forest noises, this is usually the
option I go for. When the baby looks up there is 4 dials which light up in
turn, great to get your babies eye coordination developing.

With the Rain Forest Gym you can opt to just have the mat
itself, which is equally as colourful there are animals decorated like the
floor of a jungle, with different textures to grasp onto, or in Nates case
drool on!  There are hoops on the mat to
again attach the animals onto to catch the baby’s attention during tummy time.


The plus sides to this gym are all the options you can
create to keep the baby interested to have the overheads or to just have the
floor mat itself. I enjoy that you can take the toys off and use elsewhere, we
have even added extra toys as well.

The downside to the gym is its large surface area, as we
have moved, our lounge is quite big with enough room for me to lay down beside
Nate and play. I would say that this was more difficult in our old home and
could be a deciding factor for others when purchasing. You really want to pick
a mat that you can be in your baby’s eye line and if the mat is too big for
your home I would definitely chose something with less gadgets, nothing is more
interesting to your baby than you!
Let me know in the comments below if this was helpful to you
or if there are any more baby equipment that you would like a review on.


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