Let’s Get Healthy – Weigh In!

I am back with what I hope to be a weekly weigh in on my plan “Lets Get Healthy” I will share some of my victories and then some of my not so good moments too!

lets get healthy


  • Exercised – yeah to me! I do about 20 minutes on my cross trainer while watching a YouTube video or two. The time passes quite quickly and I find if I am focusing on something else while working out I don’t think about  exercising – which is good, because I hate it ;o) I made myself though this week to work out 3 times which is a good start and nothing crazy.
  • I have not had a biscuit! This is a huge achievement, there is nothing better than a cup of tea and a biscuit … or 3.
  • I went to the best coffee shop in town and ordered a green tea, despite craving a hazelnut latte and a nutella cookie.
  • I have downsized to a smaller plate and have not felt hungry. We don’t have crazy large plates in our house or anything like that but I thought I would test out the theory of smaller plate, smaller portions and it appears to be working
  • Only used 70 syns despite eating out twice! Yeah to me!

Not So Good

  • I had a McDonalds – After cooking what is described as “Mac n Cheese” but had no cheese and a heck of a lot of chicken stock and tomato puree with egg there was no way I was going to eat it and keep it down. McDonalds to the rescue! Although not the “best choice” for a diet I did make sure to keep within my syns for the week despite having this so I am letting myself off for that one!

Weigh In

-3 3/4 pounds. I am very pleased with this for my first week, I would like to loose 1-2 pounds a week until Christmas so this keeps me on good track for my goal should I have an off week!

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