Lets Get Healthy

Hey All!

I thought today I would share something I have been thinking about for awhile and I need your encouragement and accountability! What better way to stay in check than to share it with billions!
The time has come for me to get fit and healthy – urgh even the sound of that word “fit” makes me feel nauseous. I will start with why first and then we will jump into the how.

lets get healthy

My family medical history would have doctors reeling – actually while being prescribed hay fever tablets of all things there was a medical student who was observing the appointment who couldn’t keep track of all the health problems my family has!

My Mum was extremely health conscious, exercised, never sat still and fortunately started myself and my sister with good eating habits, which I am grateful for.
Yet despite this at 41 she died of a heart attack.
My Dad died at 46, he was morbidly obese and was overweight my entire life although his weight compounded after he married my step – mum. The larger plate was always reserved for my Dad, piled high, documented as “loving and caring” it  killed him. Only 3 months prior to my Dad dying in tears I pleaded with him to change, my sister often would beg him to also. You see when someone is that overweight they can’t do normal things, they walk at a slower pace, breathless at the end of a street, we were woken up to tie his shoes – I kid you not! Many a manicure or lie in was ruined because apparently it was the children that need to do this.
My Dad had the classic comfort eater attitude – he ate when he was happy, he ate to extremes when he was upset. Think about it, it will often happen in life – you want to show someone you care so you give them the best food, make a cake, offer someone extra, it is a vicious cycle.
I have 2 Family Members who have had mental breakdowns.
I have a family member who had type 2 diabetes which has now turned into type 1 diabetes.
I have 3 family members who had Alzheimer’s disease.

So lets talk about me – I am not overweight, I fall in my BMI bracket, however I weigh more than I would like, not a “I want to be a supermodel weight” as in a I want to become more healthy weight. I would like to get back to my Wedding Night weight ;o) So we have pounds to move people!

I wouldn’t say I exercise either, I walk around all the time and am moving but not to the heart pumping, feeling alive urgh no.
I love sweet treats, I have a serious addiction to sugar and you know what that, was fine when I was breastfeeding Nathanael a year ago a biscuit here, some cake there it was all good but not anymore.
I love going to my fave coffee shop and getting a Nutella cookie and a Hazelnut latte I am sure it is the most calorific choice available, which would be fine if I exercised but like I said I don’t!

So how? I am not going crazy, I am not running a marathon or setting some unachievable goal only for me to fail and console myself in chocolate. I am just committed to a more healthy eating approach with one or two treats thrown in on the odd occasion. I am also committing to moving more!

So I plan to document my journey with you, I will not be sharing my weight with you, but I will share how many pounds a week I lose and what healthy things I have been up to!
If you have loved my blog for random mummy things don’t worry exercise and fitness will not be taking over like I said I have a healthy goal in mind and I am working out in a committed but begrudging way –lets hope those happy endorphins pull me through!

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