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The past weekend was a bit crazy at #teamsmith our niece and nephew had a joint birthday party think lots of adults and very excited 4 year old and two 2 year olds and you have a house full of crazy fun!

In the midst of returning to normality I have found many opportunities to stumble across some new likes and things you should check out for yourself!

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Suits – My love for Amazon Prime continues with watching TV series that have been out for an age. I tell Luke he should start watching these things with me but lets face it I make Nathanael take a nap so I can get another episode in. I am Amazons dream.

This is on it’s way to me, you all know how I love my planners and Inkwell Press is a divine company I love everything Tonya stands for. That being said the livewell planner is bulky, heavy and not something I can carry around day to day. I plan to use the personal planner to just jot down appointments or major events I need to remember when I am on the go.
And yes Luke did say “I told you so”

I am loving this scent, my sister bought me this for Christmas and it seriously kicks off some scent!

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