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You know that the mid week brings you more often than not my Likes, Links, Things post – hopefully where I introduce you to something new or send you off browsing some unknown corner of the internet!


Rocky Road Recipe – This was so good!  Luke was chairing a meeting with work and that requires him to bring goodies for the team. Now I have already sent in my epic Chocolate Brownies (if I do say so myself) and the meeting was 40 miles away so my salted caramel cupcakes were out of the question. What to make, I landed on this recipe and used 85% coco solid dark chocolate. I am pleased to report that it passed my quality control test and was quiet easy to make. The only downside is leaving it in the fridge overnight when really you want to eat the whole thing!

Mac Fanfare Lipstick – I am pretty sure that this was on a monthly favourites but I can’t quiet remember because baby brain has set in! Notepads with lists are strewn around my house, I start a sentence and honestly can’t remember half the time what I was on about to begin with. Anyway I was rummaging around the 15 lipsticks that I usually carry around in my handbag – they just seem to accumulate and rediscovered this one. What a find – a brighter my lips but better colour great for spring/summer … well the supposed spring/summer at the moment but you can’t have everything.

Planner Stickers – I have had great success this past week or so with making my own planner stickers and I am really enjoying being creative in my planner in a my own way. If you asked me to draw something there is no way I could make it look what it is suppose to look like, but the joys of a computer and software is it does it for you!

My Parish Council – Ok this is a bizzare one but I really appreciate my local parish council, to be honest if I could ditch the main council and just have them I would be more than happy! They get stuff done and in a timely manner as well as being proud of our village they are always working hard to improve it. I really do enjoy reading the monthly minutes. Now obviously I am not going to point you to the village I live in but if you’re in the UK and have a local parish council why not support them and your community by having a read of what is going off and what the council is working towards.

What are some of the things you have been up to the past week or so I would love to know!



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