Hey Lovelies,

So you find me today, still sat on the couch (see yesterdays post) so I am passing the time by listening to some of music. Here is a small completion of my favourite lyrics! Points go to those who know the band/song without looking!

If I could feel you shine your perpetual light
David Crowder Band – Let Me Feel You Shine
I was made for more than this world could offer me,
My heart to hold true mystery
My voice was meant to fall on Holy Ears
Christy Nockels – Into The Glorious
Your love burns longer than the sun
The skies of thunder echo your wonder
Your praises can’t be over sung
Downhere – Let Me Rediscover You
You cover with arms that reach
And I’m amazed by your sweet grace
You set me free, You washed me clean
And I’m amazed by your sweet grace
Know Hope Collective – Spirit Speaks
Spirit of the living God
Would you fall afresh like rain on us
Burst the doors and flood the halls
Into forgotten rooms inside our hearts
And we will all be swept away
In the current of your love and grace
Living water flow to me
All I’m asking for is just a drink
Phil Wickham – Thirst
Arise and Shine
For your Light has come
And the Glory of the Lord rises upon you
Darkness falls like a towering wall
And the Glory of the Lord rises upon you
He has heard our cry
And has shined an everlasting light
Fellowship Church – Magnify
To finally let go of my plans
These earthly kingdoms built of sand
Jesus at your cross I stand with open hands
Matt Papa – Open Hands

Check back tomorrow I think I may have a similar day again!

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