Meal Plan 07.09

So by now you have seen my Lets Get Healthy post and what better way to stay committed to this healthy regime than to pick up with my weekly meal plans, anyone can join in just make sure to link your blog here and use the #mealplanningmonday

Meal planning

Monday – Cowboy Pie and Veg
Tuesday – Nandos (have picked my meal to be low syn!)
Wednesday – Pulled Chipotle Chicken Buns
Thursday – Mac n Cheese
Friday – BBQ Pork and beans
Saturday – Chicken Tikka

FYI – Kiri you told us you were getting healthy why all the nice meals? Well people I am on Slimming World, so as you know it is packed full of veg and a third of your plate needs to have a veg or salad too! Most of these recipes are from the new Slimming World magazine that anyone can purchase so will let you know how they turn out!


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