Mini Smith Purchases

Now that I can feel Mini Smith on a regular basis and at times having the wind knocked out of me I feel so much more comfortable in buying bits and pieces for the grand arrival. It also helps feeling less awkward as although I have a small bump thus far, its a bump none the less and I don’t just look fat.

Our friends Kirsty and Mark stayed at ours last weekend as part of their holiday now why they would want to come to Doncaster who knows as they live in a beautiful part of Scotland but hey that’s just how entertaining the Smith Family is.

They are the best friends you can ask for really as we only see each other maybe once or twice a year and we just pick up right where we left off.

As Doncaster has few picturesque spots and we have shown them all of those we went to York for the day, it was also a great opportunity to hit the Mammas and Pappas outlet store and a few of the boutiques in York City Centre. I must say that Kirsty needs to move to Doncaster up until Mini Smith has arrived and she found some great bargains while we were there. Check out our purchases below.




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