Mini Smiths Changing Table

I am beyond excited that my gorgeous hubby Luke is having a guest post on the blog. So sit down with a cup of tea or beverage of your choice if you’re like him and don’t like hot drinks and enjoy!
Kiri has allowed me to write a guest blog post on wonderfully random.
If you follow me on Twitter and/or Instagram you will have seen the updates over the last couple of saturdays of me showing off my ‘Dad-to-be’ DIY skills. It all starting with a trip to Kiddicare, a haven for parents to be… humm…


Kiri and I were looking at different bits and bobs to get, including a £600 solid wood cot bed – we didn’t buy it though. We came across the ‘baby changing unit’ section of the store with a vast array of tables and chest of drawers with space on top to put a changing mat. I was having one of those ‘Luke’ days where everything was a little on the expensive side. So I said, “I can make one of those out of proper wood for less than that”, so Kiri said “OK then”, but I believe she was a little apprehensive about what would happen over the next few saturdays, as Kiri has heard of the numerous A&E trips that my dad had in the past – such things include (squeamish people look away now) cutting a chunk out of his finger with an electric plainer and falling through the attic with his legs dangling between the beams.


So I started to design and pull together some VERY rough drawings of what it would look like and below are the picture of my Dad-to-be DIY triumph!


1. Top designed, cut and fixed together.
2. Legs cut and top propped up by other slats.
3. Outer frame assembled.
4. Everything cut and fitted together to ensure it all fit before taking apart for filling holes and sanding.



5 & 6. Top and frame filled and sanded.
7. Base coat painted.
8. Top coat painted and fitted together… done
Thanks for reading, normal service will now resume of wonderfully random. with Kiri,


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