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I love September seasons are changing; everyone is going back to school and university so it also makes me think of starting something new or starting afresh. It’s also the best time to discover new Christian bands or for the best albums of the year to be released! So as I have a few minutes this evening I thought I would share some of my faves with you. I am one of these people who buys the whole album for just one particular song and then decide whether I like the band or the whole album random I know. I also can’t stand hearing the same song over and over again so I am usually looking for something new or go back to my old favourites.
Third Day – new album is out in November Miracle – heard the title track sounds ok but who doesn’t love Thief from Offerings
The Waiting Kind – love love love the song Greater from their EP
David Crowder Band – heartbroken they have split up but so pleased he has gone solo his lyrics are amazing. So hard to chose fave song but at a push it would have to be Let Me Feel You Shine. Anyone who could get the word perpetual in a lyric deserves some love. Praise Habit by David Crowder is also a great read!
Leeland – they kind of go in the same hall of fame as David Crowder Band I mean at 17 to write and record Sound Of Melodies what can I say! My fave song Opposite Way from album Opposite Way.
Kristian Stanfill – Wake Up from the Album Attention – I mean how good is the bridge? Blissful
Parachute Band –Its You on the album Love Without Measure- the lyrics are beautiful and with the bonus of Martin Smith singing the 2nd verse who could top it? Although I am loving Keep the Fire Burning from Matins: Vespers – So stoke the flame, enlight the spark, illuminate the darkest parts, burn away the worst in me – WOW
Ascend the Hill – Take The World But Give Me Jesus from the album of the same name. I love rocking up an old hymn in an unpredictable way good songs for reflection.
Elevation Worship – Have loved this for ages so pleased we are now singing their worship songs at church. That being said cant stand listening to the same song over again so reverting back to their earlier albums I am loving The Church from Kingdom Come – prefer the extended live version.
Tenth Avenue North –I have already spoken of my love for the song Strangers Here from The Struggle.
Paper Tongues– Fave Song is Get Higher from their self titled album
Downhere – They have been around for ages and they have hit n miss albums but the depth of the song Let Me Rediscover You from On The Altar of Love just expresses what I couldn’t in a million words wrapped into a 4min song.
Andy Cherry – Our God’s Alive from Nothing to Fear – Have you heard his guitar playing? Brilliant so happy I have an equally as talented Husband.
The Museum – My Help Comes from the Lord from the album Let Love Win is a prime example of buying the album for one song, this song is great I am not to fussed about the whole cd.
Phil Wickham – Phil is an exception to the whole rule I have explained I could quite happily listen to all of his albums on repeat minus Holy, Holy, Holy. He is an acoustic guitarist – my hubby is an acoustic guitarist. Need I say more? Sometimes we think a whole band is everything but the real talent is where one instrument and one voice can carry the room e.g. Divine Romance. His songs featured heavily at our wedding the two we picked were Beautiful and Always Forever. Now go and buy his whole collection!
Christy Nockels– I am sure you have noticed this is my only female singer on my rundown bad I know but when you go through my collection I tend to pick male singers. Christy Nockels again is an exception she is beyond talented. I love Into The Glorious from the same titled album and You Revive Me from Passion: White Flag.
River Valley Church – You Have Conquered from the album You Are//I am. Luke and I listened to this song a lot after our twin nephews were born, sadly Daniel Noah passed away 2 days after his birth and this song speaks of so much hope we have in God. – Even when the waters rise and the mountains crumble I will call on the name of the Lord, Even when darkness comes and my world is shaken I will call on the name that is power. My God is stronger than the grave, My God will prove Himself again, I believe You have conquered. My God is greater than my fear, My God will take away our tears, I believe You have conquered.


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