Nathanael James Birth Story

With Nathanael asleep in his Moses Basket (huge success there btw) I thought I would make the attempt at writing his birth story for you! This could be a long one!
When writing Mini Smith updates there was some things about him that I didn’t disclose purely because we didn’t want to worry anyone or make a huge issue out of it.
From Weeks 35 to Week 39 we have been back and forth from the hospital one moment consultant led care and the next back to the Midwife. This was originally due to a Family Medical History which was known prior and we just had to keep pushing this onto the system so to speak, we are so fortunate to have done this, without being over dramatic this could have saved Nathanaels life.
At Week 36 we had our usually Midwife Appointment and my lovely midwife Tracey believed that he was head down but not 100% sure so we were sent for a presentation scan, before the scan the midwife also thought the same but low and behold he nearly had them fooled and was actually breech!

At the end of the week as I turned 37 weeks pregnant Mini Smith and I were booked in for a C- Section with the possibility that it could not be needed as he could turn! I have to say I was quite hopeful for the turning and spent many a night visualising baby turning around in there!

At 39 +3 off we went to the hospital. I won’t regale you with the suffering of not eating, or for the first time in 12 weeks I was up showered and dressed at 6am! A Mini Miracle in itself!
We got to the hospital and were shown into our room, and were met with the anaesthetist who was very adamant due to underlying medical history that I went first that morning. The consultant however was equally as adamant that I was going in second. The battle began and the anaesthetist won, not before the double checked that Nathanael was still head up.

I wore an extremely stylish one piece with a backless feature and for accessories I had a dazzling pair of white tights. The first time to see my off spring one has to make sure they are looking their best! Luke looked as dashing as I did with scrubs far too big for him and lovely matching head gear!
I have to say I was very brave and the drip in my hand nor the local anaesthetic in my back didn’t faze me at all, however trying to push a part of your back to where a consultant is telling you to when your 39 weeks pregnant, lying on your side and have a head under your rib was quite tricky!

It was quite a surreal experience giving birth to our son this way, the room was lovely and relaxed the consultant knew we went to church so I got to speak to her about that which took my mind off what was going on. Within 10 minutes of me having my whole lower body numbed and feeling pressure being applied to the top half of my chest that was uncomfortable our darling Nathanael James was born weighing 7lb 1oz which also happens to be the same weight that I was at birth – who knew!

I was so happy when he let out a big squeal and to be honest he has been squealing ever since not to worry though, as he is as vain as his parents he had to be breech so that he could have lovely photos at birth with un-squished face! He is worth all the pain and trouble that got him here especially with his quivering lip just before he cries and his mounds of dark hair!

I am sure I will post updates on how he is getting on in the world but for now I will leave you with some pictures of our little man.



We chose the name Nathanael in Hebrew it means a gift from God. James comes from the Hebrew Jacob which means supplanter and trickster and he is defiantly living up to both his names. Nathanael James was a bit tricky in getting here but he is the most perfect gift from God.


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