Nathanael Learns–Poundland Haul

Over the past year I have discovered a new found love for PoundLand, don’t get me wrong there are things I would chose to purchase elsewhere but for some items PoundLand is great.

One of the main items I love buying at PoundLand are educational or craft type items that I can use with Nathanael, like any toddler he is learning to be gentle with things but his excitement at discovering something new can get the better of him.
The joy of PoundLand is should Nate damage anything I don’t grieve over it breaking or prevent him from exploring because I am trying to save the item.
Here are a few things I picked up recently

Poundland haul

These Wall Charts can start from £3.99 per item in most stores and I got 4 for that price.
I purchased an ABC chart – this is great for matching items up that are on the chart with the letter.
The My Body Chart is great to use with Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. Nate has been singing along to this for a while and can say head and nose already. (although nose is nee which sounds a lot like knee)
Farm Animals is perfect for using with Nate’s book “Oh Dear” book, for a while now he has known that a cow goes moo and a sheep goes baa so we will see if we can encourage him to learn some more animal sounds.
Finally I thought the Transporting Vehicles Wall Chart would be good to match some toys up with that we already have in our home.

Also on our shopping trip I spotted the Alphabet and Number Stencils which will be great to help Nathanael learn his letter and numbers, there are so many things we can do with them and I am sure he will enjoy painting and colouring with them.

Now when you spot some travel sized packet raisins with your toddler you can’t help but grabbing a pack, again great value and a little treat for being good while we were in a boring shop!

Do you shop at PoundLand? What are some of your favourite purchases? Let me know in the comments below!

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