Nathanael Nine Month Update

Hey Lovelies,

Well another month has quickly passed so here is another update on all things Nathanael

Nate 9 months

Weight: 17lbs 14oz – Very pleased that Nathanael is following his curve on the 25th centile.

Length:  He is too quick to pin down at the minute! The health visitors should have fun when he has his 1yr check in!

Eating: We are still continuing to breastfeed until a year, but now Nathanael has firmly established solids we pretty much only feed 3 or 4 times a day. I am glad I stuck it out in terms of those first initial weeks of breastfeeding as now with me burning 500 calories a day I weigh less than I did at my Booking In appointment of pregnancy, Whoop Whoop Breastfeeding Rules! Nathanael has done so well in terms of baby led weaning we took him to a restaurant recently and I have seen 2 years olds make more mess than what he did!

Sleeping:  Nathanael is still sleeping through the night from 7pm till 7am.

Nappies: Still in size 4 nappies.

Clothes: As usual Nathanael has moved up to some 9-12 month tops but is still comfortably fitting in 6-9 month trousers and jackets.

Things Nate likes to do: This month Nathanael has been on the move! One Sunday we were encouraging him to crawl in a straight line and by the end of the week he is tearing around like no ones business. Luke and I already lived quite minimally and thankfully we have a huge lounge for him to explore but even then things have had to be removed! The fireguard has been installed and we have just received our baby gates, Nathanael will be happily playing in the lounge and decide he wants to see Daddy in his office so will take to crawling across the hallway, as sweet as this is some order needs to be restored simply for his safety!
Nathanael can stack some of the rings on his toy stacker and has started to put things away rather than just pulling everything out! It honestly is the cutest thing to watch!
Nathanael has recently cemented his love for his teddy bear, his face just beams when he sees “Fred the Ted” he hasn’t learnt to cuddle him, his affection for him is really just Nathanael chewing his ears and his nose. Luke had me in hysterics the other day when he said Nathanael was “having a moment” with Fred the Ted and he was full on chewing his teddy’s face off!
Nathanael has learnt to stand independently while holding onto something, at the moment it’s his toy basket or the back of his car walker, he likes to stand and have a look around and it gives him some independence rather than needing Mummy or Daddy to pick him up at show him things.
This month I have definitely seen the transition from infant to pre toddler and its so fun watching Nathanael discover things for himself and I am always astounded at what he can achieve when he puts his mind to something.
Nathanael you are an absolute joy in our lives and we are so excited to see what the next month brings!


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