Nathanael One Month Update

Weight: From our last weigh in when Nathanael was 19 days old he was 7lbs 3oz. He didn’t do too bad after dropping from his birth weight of 7lbs 1oz to 6lbs 4oz. The Health Visitor is coming tomorrow to reweigh him I am excited to see how much he has put on – he is definitely becoming a chunky monkey with his double chin.

Length: No Idea – they haven’t measured his length at all. Luke and I roughly did this when he was born so we will see if the Health Visitor measures this tomorrow.

Eating: LOTS! I can’t really say how much he is eating as he is exclusively breastfed except to say he eats every 2 to 3hrs. We are feeding on demand, although he has worked himself into a schedule which I appreciate. He tends to have a nap in the morning from 8 till 10 (breakfast and a shower for me) a large nap from 11 till 2pm (thanks I will have lunch) and then the afternoon is a bit of a mystery each day, he is so much more awake and alert so we have a bit of a play pulling faces at each other and having a chat! Its great he has to listen to me :o)

Sleeping: Nate tends to sleep anywhere from 2 to 3hrs at a time it depends on his mood.

Nappies: Ooo we have had an interesting time in the nappy department! I had seriously stocked up before he was born – in the sense that from every supermarket known to man I bought a pack of size 1 nappies. I am so glad I did – he really suits Sainsburys size 1 and after that Boots newborn size 1 also fit quite well too. Pampers we had a few leaks with after he had dropped alot of weight but I can tell that in a few weeks he will be fine with those too. It’s all trial and error.

Clothes: Still in Newborn although his legs are quite long bless him I am sure it won’t be long till 0-3 fit or at least don’t look as if I have swamped him in them.

Things Nate likes to do: Such an easy question – he loves to have his hands in his mouth. Now I know this is a sign that he could be hungry however he has his hands in his mouth after he has fed for 30minutes. He loves to stare and pull his tongue. I don’t know whether he loves to do this but watching him hiccup amuses Luke and I so much, his whole body jumps when he does it!

Cannot believe my son has been in the world for a whole month! Honestly the time has flown if this is what his first year is going to be like I am going to have to do something to slow it down!!





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