Nathanael Six Month Update

Hey Lovelies,

So its time for the half year update for Nathanael. I honestly can’t understand where the time went from hobbling out of hospital with Nate in a car seat I couldn’t pick up to him now eating independently! On with the update

Weight: I have just come back from weigh and play and Nathanael is now a healthy 15lb 2oz. I honestly feel that he is heavier than what he has been weighed, when I am carrying him around most of the day he is like a dead weight.

Length:  Luke and I did a measuring of a kind, its quite difficult to measure a baby so I understand why the health visitors don’t do it that often. If our measuring can be relied upon he was 63cm.
Eating: This is the big change recently, when Nathanael turned 25 weeks we decided to slowly introduce him to the world of food. As I have mentioned in this post here we are weaning Nate the baby led way. His first food was a banana, we cut the banana in half, left part of the skin on as our book suggested but I think he was slightly unsure as to what to do with it. We had more success with mushing the banana slightly and loading a spoon for him, which he put directly in his mouth and had a good old chew! He loves crumpets and he also likes to suck the butter off toast, he has tried homemade custard, melon, and broccoli, he loved homemade tuna croquettes and guacamole with tortillas, but I think his favourite is weetabix he gets it everywhere!
We have had some gagging which is to be expected with baby led weaning as he learns what to do with the food in his mouth. We also have had two occasions where he has choked, but having prepared for the event we were quickly able to dislodge the food using this technique never put your hands in the baby’s mouth to get offending item. It was fun  however to see the piece of carrot fly across the kitchen, I am pleased we informed ourselves of what to do if he did choke and now I feel confident for the future.
Food is fun before One so we are just taking the time to introduce him to new flavours and textures, but his main source of nutrition is still breast milk. We are also following NHS guidelines and giving him a multi vitamin drop now he has turned six months, this is so important for vitamin D especially as this becomes harder to absorb from Mum when they turn six months.

Sleeping: Another recent development has been on the sleeping department. On Friday we moved Nathanael into his big cotbed in his own room. My heart is bleeding as I type this, Luke and I would have been perfectly happy to have him in our room for a while longer. Our original plan was to have Nathanael in our room until we came back from our trip to Wales in June. However over the past two weeks he has woken himself up sporadically at around 10pm. This is usually the time  where one or both of us is headed to bed so it appeared that we were disturbing him, also he was banging his hands on the bars and propelling his feet from a great height onto the mattress. This concerned us both because although the mattress is soft it isn’t as springy as his cotbed mattress and we didn’t want him hurting himself on the bars of his compact cotbed. All of this appeared familiar to when we moved him from his moses basket into his cotbed, so on Friday night, on a whim we moved him into his room. We didn’t hear a peep from him the whole night, I was worried that he would wake up and be confused, but my laid back son took it all in his stride and fell to sleep all the same. It was Mummy that “suffered” for six months I have awoken to his coos, gurgles and yes screams. I have gone to bed joking with Luke as to what pose he has this time we have the Sun lounger, Thunderbird One, Starfish and Egyptian. This is just a sign of him growing up and becoming more independent, but I will miss my tiny baby boy.
Nappies:  We have no nappy malfunctions to report in this post, he is still in size 4 nappies from Kiddicare.

Clothes: Nathanael is in size 6-9 months tops and some 3-6 months trousers, he is in that awkward stage with his trousers again where some 3-6 months are too short but most 6-9 months trousers are too long.

Things Nate likes to do: I am always amazed when I read the previous monthly update as to what Nathanael has learnt since then. This month is no exception so I will try to be as thorough as possible. Nate has become obsessed with his feet, he loves having his feet rubbed at baby massage and has learnt to grab his feet while they are in the air. Nate loves to kick his feet while your changing him, and his personal favourite is banging them from a great height while he is in bed.
Nathanael has TWO teeth since his last monthly update, we did have 3 days where he wasn’t a happy camper it didn’t bother his sleeping which was really good for a relief for Mummy and Daddy. Nate has attempted on various occasions to pull his teeth out, he likes to grab them and see if they will move and for a while looked thoroughly unimpressed that they had arrived. However now Nate is eating I think he has learnt to appreciate them. 2 down 18 to go!
From around four or five months they suggest that your baby may attempt to roll from their back to their front. Nate mastered early on the front to back roll, however he believes its beneath him to roll from his back to his front. After all he would end up with his face on the floor and we know how vain he is, instead Nathanael prefers to roll onto his side and pose to his admiring entourage aka Mummy minion and Daddy minion. If they are not there to witness his expert move he will bellow … I mean call for their attention.
Finally Nathanael does a great superman impression, his favourite past time of late is to be held over ones head like superman, at which point he will smile and giggle frantically, wondering how on earth he got up there and if only it would last longer!

Nathanael, these past six months have been the best six months of my life. To wake up to your funny little moods, and explore and share the day with you is a privilege. Each day I learn a little more about you, and see your personality develop. I think you have a lot of your Dad’s calming influence. You are interested in people and are content to watch and learn, however your a lot like your Mum when it comes to having had enough and will let us know quite efficiently. Don’t change who you are Natey Bob’s Mummy and Daddy love you exactly how you are. Here’s to the next six months!


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