Nathanael Week Three “Routine”

Now we don’t have to wake our son up every two hours to feed and can be led by him, he has loosely put himself into a schedule (as much as a baby can have a schedule.) He definitely is our child because Luke and I love to be organised.

6.30am – Feed me Mummy I am HUNGRY!!!

7am – Sleep time I am worn out

9.15am – My day is starting get me some breakfast!

9.45-11.00 – I am awake – entertain me.

11.15 – I have changed my mind – I am HUNGRY!!! Feed me!!

11.30- 2pm – Ok I suppose you can tidy the house or have lunch I am going to sleep. You might take me out in that weird contraption thing as well I still don’t care I am asleep.

2.00pm – I am STARVING!! FEED ME!!

3 pm – Excuse me I am bored I need to play!!

3.30pm – You have worn me out I need a nap

5.00pm – You don’t know hunger like this FEED ME NOW!!

6.00pm – Why do you torture me with a bath I hate a bath!!

6.30pm – Give me some more food and I might consider not screaming – I can’t guarantee this.

7.00pm – If I go to sleep I won’t be put in water ok I am sleeping now!

9.00/10pm – Did you not know I am hungry?? Ok I will have to let you know!

10pm – Goodnight I am off to dream about milk guzzling

1/2am – Morning Mummy I am famished!

2/3am – I cannot keep my eyes open so I might let you go to sleep.

4/5am – I cannot believe I have not been fed yet – the rudeness!

Our lives run on a 2 to 3 hour schedule and I wouldn’t have it any other way Nathanael is beyond the cutest baby and is usually quite content if he is fed and clean. The only two things he detests are baths and nappy changes.


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