New Planner–liveWell planner by Inkwell Press

I am so excited to be sharing my new planner with you! The planner that I have chosen for 2016 is liveWell planner by Inkwell Press. There are so many reasons why I chose the liveWell here are a few;

Customer Service – After watching a few planner release fails this year, the customer service element was a huge priority. I first learnt about Inkwell Press from Samantha’s YouTube channel Happily a Housewife, I commented on her Instagram saying I wished that Inkwell would ship to the UK and low and behold Tonya the owner of Inkwell responded to me saying that they were offering a way to ship internationally this year. I was thrilled! not only was my comment not on her own social media channels, but the fact that Tonya was engaging with others was wonderful. At every point of my order, I was updated and kept informed of where it was at, how long it would be, and although I was fortunate to get my first choice, how Tonya handled the sell out of the planners has been impeccable. When someone values and takes care over there customers you can be assured that the same will be said of their product, which is why having never seen a liveWell planner in the flesh till I got my order, I was confident of it’s quality.

Paper Quality – To my knowledge there is no planner out there with better paper quality than the liveWell planner, 140gsm paper – and if your like me and have no clue what that means trust me when I say it just feels like complete luxury! I was getting very annoyed with my previous planner with shadowing, and there is no way that will happen with this planner!

Goal Setting – We can all write To Do lists and check them off but are we working to our ultimate goals? Are we living our lives purposefully? As a Christian we are reminded “to count our days, so that we will become wise” we don’t want to be wasting time, feeling busy but never achieving anything.
I love the Goal Setting and Monthly Mission boards in the liveWell planner but Tonya doesn’t leave you adrift without a clue, after the purchase of your planner you will receive e-mails with helpful How To’s to get your planner up and running!

So after my lengthy Why a liveWell planner lets take a look! I purchased the Watercolor Hexagon in a Classic (a classic is a vertical layout in the weekly spread and the flex is a horizontal layout)

1 Front Cover

Front Cover

2 Important Dates

First Pages

3 Goals

Goal Setting Page

4 Monthly Pages

Monthly Spread

5 Mission Board

Monthly Mission Board

6 Weekly View

Weekly Spread

7 Extras Gift

Extras – Gift List

8 Extras Monthly Bill Tracker

Extras – Monthly Bill Tracker

9 Notes Section


10 - Back Cover

Back Pages

If you would like to receive $10 off a minimum purchase of $50 spend

Inkwell Press referal

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