O Christmas Tree

This Christmas Luke and I have guests for Christmas Day. The previous two years we had our Christmas Dinner together but then had the mad rush of visiting everyone. This year we said enough was enough and we are giving people the opportunity to visit us instead.

My sister Emma and her fiancé Mark are stopping at our house Christmas Eve and then sharing Christmas Day with us which I am beyond excited about!

Is it just me though I have to be the perfect hostess so although there are only the 4 of us I have a 3 course meal planned 2 types of dessert and the main meal has 12 elements to it!
Besides the dinner (which I will post separately about) to prepare is of course the Christmas Tree. The first year I made the grave mistake of convincing Luke to allow me to decorate on the last weekend of November.

The problem with this is when working in retail the Christmas Decorations for the store go up around that time sometimes even earlier, so when 25th December rolled around I couldn’t bare to see another Christmas ornament or piece of tinsel. Lesson learned sometimes it is best to listen to your husband.
Over the years my Step Mum Tami started the tradition of giving Emma and I a Christmas tree ornament as part of our presents and its one Luke and I continue. This year we got this from Harrods on our London Trip.

The great thing about a Christmas tree ornament every year is to look over past years and what places we had visited that year or what we had done, so this ornament is from 2010 the year we got married

Last year I knew that our Christmas tree was missing the whole point of Christmas, For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16 So I got some gorgeous decorations with scripture on them from Dayspring




Here is the Smith Family Christmas Tree 2012


Hope you have a wonderful and blessed Christmas!



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