October Lovelies

So another month in 2014 is complete, October has been a good one and I
am looking forward to the wonderful month which is November and
Nathanael’s First Birthday whoop whoop. Here are my favourites from this
past month!

1. Hot Chocolate
– There is nothing like a hot chocolate on colder evenings, it serves as a small desert too I think which is always a bonus!

2. The Cuckoos Calling
– I have been wanting to read this book for a while and I am so glad I
got around to it this month. Now I only have a chance to read in the
evenings it did take me 4 nights to complete, in times of old I would
have read this in one or two sittings. I absolutely loved it, well worth
a read and I am looking forward to the next in the series.

3. New Bed
– Whatever way I phrase this it will come off wrong but our old bed was
creaking, every time we rolled over then it would make some awful
noise. I literally believed we would fall through the bed at one point so I
am glad the purchase of a new bed was made!

4. Mahogany Teakwood Candle – I am so excited
to have gotten my hands on this candle, it smells how a sexy man should smell and
is the exact same fragrance as an Abercrombie Store. Love it and was
well worth the wait.

5. Blogging Head Quarters
– I was so pleased that this month that I have eventually located a
home for my blogging head quarters. More often than not I have sat on
the sofa with sprawls of paper and camera equipment around me, or
dumping said items on the dining room table. This was great when Nate
was a baby but now we are in official toddlerhood its best I have a
designated space. As the current room is a vibrant orange colour from
the pervious householders I will save pictures till a later date!

6. Elemis Pro Illuminating Flash Balm
– I can’t have a favourites without a beauty item thrown in. Now the
weather has turned colder and everything is becoming dry and flaky I
need a little something to perk up my skin. Its perfect for lazy days
with no make up by brightening overall skin tone but also works wonders
foundation keeping everything even and making my make up last all day.

7. Key Ring
– This month saw me pass my driving test whoop whoop. I also managed to
keep the fact that I was taking lessons from most people so no
pressure! I was so happy that I passed first time and that now organise
more trips out for Nathanael and I. I also love this key ring for my car
keys that I picked up with my sister.

8.Black Ruched Ankle Boots
– I bought this pair of boots when I was out shopping with my sister in
Leeds. I usually get something similar each year, they are extremely
comfortable and go with most outfits. I was so pleased to get these when
the store was on a discount, so keep you eyes peeled if you like them.

Swap – I am so grateful to Rachel from Mum on A Mission who suggested
we have a blog swap she is so talented, if you haven’t checked out her
blog yet here is the link.


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