Pregnancy Update 29 Weeks

Baby is the size of a … butternut squash

butternut squash

Best moment this week? Has to be our midwife appointment. Mini Smith is growing well and plotting on the 50th centile and seems to be quite content where they are, which is good!
I also managed to get a few loads of laundry done and have a wardrobe full of gorgeous baby things – why are things so cute in miniature? I am feeling organised and prepared which always puts me in a great mood!

Miss anything? Antihistamines as usual but I would love to be able to sleep on my stomach!!

Movement? A Huge Yes!

Sleep? I think I am averaging that 3 days a week I get a full nights sleep and the rest I am up through the night. Can’t complain it could always be worse!

Food cravings? I wouldn’t say a craving per say but I have got back into the same likes as I had with Nathanael – oranges and strawberries.

What makes you queasy/sick? All has been good in the sickness department thank goodness.

Gender? Check out our gender announcement here

Looking forward to? The start of batch cooking tons of freezer meals!


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