Pregnancy Update 37 Weeks

Baby is the size of a … well as long as … a stalk of Swiss Chard


Best moment this week? This week has been a bit more relaxed, Nathanael had a playdate with his best friend Joel which is always fun because the Mum’s get to catch up too! Nathanael even declared this week that I was going to have a baby Joel!
I have been trying to fit in activities this week that I know will be harder to do with a newborn so Nate and I did some baking which is always good fun! I am sure we loose half the batter to Nate but who can blame him – this is what childhood memories are made of!

Miss anything? A deep breath! Things are getting cramped in there!

Movement? A Huge Yes!

Sleep? Has improved this week, now whether that is a culmination of sporadic sleep for the past months or my new mattress I don’t know but I will take it gladly!

Food cravings? Nope

What makes you queasy/sick? All has been good in the sickness department thank goodness.

Gender? Check out our gender announcement here

Looking forward to? We have a midwife appointment this week which is always good fun! Nate likes to hear baby!

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