Pregnancy Update 38 Weeks

Baby is the size of a … well as long as … a leek


Best moment this week? Another great midwife appointment hearing Mini Smith, didn’t so much enjoy the sprung upon blood test but there you go such is the life of a pregnant woman!
My insane nesting and cleaning continues to frustrate Luke as he wants to do it for me – I do love him for that! This week was deep cleaning the oven, and washing our front windows it was a delight I tell you, a delight. 

Miss anything?
Not feeling heavy, that is the best way I can describe it.

Movement? A Huge Yes!

Sleep? I keep going back and forth each week on sleeping well and then sleeping poorly, just a comfy nights sleep I would take without turning every hour because my hips hurt!

Food cravings? Nope

What makes you queasy/sick? All has been good in the sickness department thank goodness.

Gender? Check out our gender announcement here

Looking forward to? We have a quiet week around these parts which I am much looking forward too!

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