Pregnancy Update 23 Weeks

Baby is the size of a … a large mango


Best moment this week? Nathanael and I had a great time with our friends on a few play dates this past week. Also Luke has been working so hard on his garage project or should I say projects, it has been so great to watch it transform – I am sure he will be sharing it on his blog!

Miss anything? Antihistamines, there is a lot I would do for a hay fever tablet.

Movement? Of course! He has been taking longer quiet periods or I haven’t noticed him when I have been out and about but usually in the late afternoon he has been kicking up a storm! I will have two active boys running around before I know it … bring on the crazy!!

Sleep? Consistent night time sleep has gone, some times I can sleep straight through but it really is few and far between. Mainly because my hips hurt or I need to go to the toilet for the millionth time.

Food cravings? I can’t say I have fancied something specific this past week, although I am loving lots of cold water with ice.

What makes you queasy/sick? All has been good in the sickness department thank goodness.

Gender? Check out our gender announcement here

Looking forward to? Team Smith have lots of things in the pipe line regarding house projects so I am looking forward to those being started and finished. Mini Smiths room is slowly coming together and I am enjoying being able to set things up as we go. We moved when Nathanael was just 6 weeks olds so its nice to know I am unpacking boxes rather than packing them!

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