Pregnancy Update Week 20

How far along? 20 weeks today

Baby is the size of… a banana

Best moment this week? Having a weekend off with my hubby!

Miss anything? Still missing Antihistamines!!!!

Movement? A big YES!!

Sleep? Leg cramps have set in now, last week I shared that I was getting a numb leg from sleeping on my left side this week I have leg cramps to add to the joy ;o) I think its partly sleeping position and partly with the humidity at work someone please turn on the aircon! Good thing I have a hubby who plies me with drinks every 30mins

Food cravings? none but again the baking continues Challah, White Chocolate and Raspberry Loaf, Lemon and Poppy Seed muffins and last night made a batch of Chocolate cookies

What makes you queasy/sick? sneezing repetitively! oh hayfever go away!!

Morning sickness? nope

Gender? My boy theory is being confirmed by more people at work who think because I haven’t put weight on all around and just have a neat bump at the front it must be a boy.
I am trying not to eat for 2 and just eat what I normally would so that may have more to do with this. Guess we will find out in 20 weeks time

Looking forward to… Looking forward to Monday and see Mini Smith hope He/She isn’t camera shy!


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