Pregnancy Update Week 21

How far along? 21 weeks today

Baby is the size of… a pomegranate


Best moment this week? Seeing mini smith sucking its thumb – that’s about it though he/she was being very stubborn sat in an awkward position so we have some very blurry photos

Miss anything? Still missing Antihistamines!!!!

Movement? A big YES!! Mini Smith comes out to play in the evening – that could be why our scan appointment at 9.30am Mini Smith felt he/she was being intruded upon.

Sleep? Again waking up with crampy leg and I am beyond thirsty all the time I blame the long days at work stood on my feet – oh to have an office job! :o)

Food cravings? Still no cravings one of the most popular questions I am asked!

What makes you queasy/sick? sneezing repetitively! oh hayfever go away!!

Morning sickness? nope

Gender? I still think Mini Smith is a boy and Luke is still non committal 19 weeks till we find out.

Looking forward to Excited to have some baby items I have ordered arrive today. I mean who doesn’t love baby leg warmers! Mini Smith is going to look so cute!


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