Pregnancy Update Week 23

How far along? 23 weeks today

Baby is the size of… a grapefruit

Best moment this week? My voice returned! and in other news I let work know when I will be putting in for my holidays and maternity leave roll on September!

Miss anything? Still missing Antihistamines!!!!

Movement? A big YES! Mini smith had gone into hibernation but he/she has been kicking up a storm.

Sleep? Usually I will wake up at 3am and 5am so I am getting into the pattern of 2hr feeds :o)

Food cravings? Still no cravings – I also weighed myself and have only put on 11lbs since conception so I am quite impressed that I haven’t eaten for two :o)

What makes you queasy/sick? The heat seems to have helped with the pollen issue which was making me feel a bit sick so alls well.

Morning sickness? nope

Gender? I still think Mini Smith is a boy and Luke is still non committal 17 weeks till we find out.

Looking forward to Our friends will be with us this weekend so will be having a shopping trip for mini smith! and lots of time to chill out and relax with a  3 day weekend.


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