Pregnancy Update Week 36

How far along? 36 weeks today!!

Baby is the size of a …  A Honeydew Melon – That thing looks HUGE!!

Best moment this week? This week has been a stressful week for Mini Smith putting up with Mum and Dad. Have to leave this “best moment” in suspense this week as we are awaiting confirmation. Suffice to say its something really good however slightly stressful.

Miss anything? Still miss sleeping on my stomach!

Movement? Still a big YES! but more nudges and turns rather than huge kicks

Sleep? Sleep has been a lot better this week, I have been able to get back to sleep a lot quicker than previously so maybe my body is getting used to been awake and random times of the night – this can only be a good thing for when Mini Smith arrives.

Food cravings? Still no cravings! I have taken to not being able to eat huge things in the evening and this is when we tend to have our main meal. I am trying to eat little and often so I don’t have the feeling that the food is still in my throat all day!

What makes you queasy/sick? nope

Morning sickness? nope

Gender? I still think Mini Smith is a boy and Luke is still non committal 4ish weeks till we find out.

Looking forward to .. Rather than a baby shower (I am sociable and I do like to talk a lot but I don’t want a huge thing all being about me) My step mum and sister are off out to York on a shopping trip/waddle.
I have mapped out all available toilets along the route because in some cases I would rather have an accident in the shop than use their unhygienic facilities!


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