Pregnancy Update

I have been a bit MIA … ok a lot on my blog but fear not I am back with tons of posts in the pipe line and what better way to start by doing a pregnancy update!!

How far along? 16 Weeks

Baby is the size of… Avocado

Best moment this week? Our holiday in Florida together was a lovely time which I will cherish. We are so looking forward to mini smiths arrival but really think some quality time together before baby is here is precious too.

Miss anything? Stilton!! The thought of a great piece of Stilton on some crackers really makes my mouth water. So blessed this baby is coming before Christmas and I can have a cheese board!

Movement? Not any yet but can’t wait to feel some kicks!

Sleep? Fortunately not too many wake ups. I always sleep well so clinging onto this at the moment.

Food cravings? None at the moment I am surprised that I am not consuming tons of chocolate and sweet things but I am preferring savoury things.

What makes you queasy/sick? Was really put off with spicy food at the start of pregnancy much to my Indian loving hubby and he put on a few “sympathy” pounds with all the mash potato that I couldn’t seem to get enough off.

Morning sickness? I have been blessed with no morning sickness just feeling nauseous in the first few weeks and I couldn’t stand to be in the kitchen. Very pleased this symptom seem to have passed.

Gender? I think boy Luke is non committal because he wants to be right ;o)

Looking forward to… 16 week midwife appointment next week.


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