Renovating The Garden

The garden always seems to be part of the house that is left out when the TLC is flowing in our house but from the previous garden update I mentioned that enough was enough and drastic action has been taken.

This is a ‘Part II’ about our garden renovation, which mainly focused on the front garden, but both our gardens were weed ridden, but the front needed a lot of ‘landscaping’ – bush replacing and moving and the like – follow the link to catch up.

This year has just been a continuation of the weeding and seeding; the bushes I moved two Springs ago have taken well and this Spring have buds on them and the grass seed laid at the front is growing well too, but I must point out that the seed Kiri laid is much healthier and fuller then what I laid… That just needed to be said… apparently.

Our back garden we have enlisted the help of a local garden treatment company as we couldn’t keep up with the weeds, and I must say that it is doing wonders for our lawn, it’s very patchy though due to the amount of weeds that have been killed. They told me that the grass would fill the space but I have laid grass seed in these bare regions of the back garden to fill in the gaps – hopefully.

Our back patio last year was repointed in the most part and this year we have cleaned the paving so that it’s so much brighter. The contrast from dirty to clean is so apparent that we have borrowed a pressure washer for the patio and the paths that runs along the side of the house.

We are quite happy to be out in our garden now Spring has finally arrived and we can start to enjoy our garden again. The boys don’t care how many weeds are there though, just as long as they don’t get in the way of them playing football. We bought the boys toy lawn mowers and they both love ‘helping’ me cut the grass this Spring which is really good fun.

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