September Lovelies

Yes its that time again  when I share with you my favourites from the past
month. In this case it is actually 2 months since I went on a blogging hiatus in
August oops! Lets jump right in.

1. Chasing Shadows –
Did you watch this show? It
follows a DS Sean Stone a detective moved from the Homicide Department to
Missing Persons. His aim is to protect those vulnerable people from serial
killers. I thought this was an enjoyable series, Sean’s relationships or lack
there of with his colleagues was amusing offset to tragic circumstances.
Although I think it would be better if it was a full 2 hour episode rather than
split over 2 weeks.

2. For King and Country New Album – Run Wild. Live Free. Love
Strong. –
I was so excited to download this album the day that it
came out my fave song has to be Run Wild. I also thing that the tracks Steady
and Matter are well worth a listen too!

3. Mince Pies –
As I mentioned earlier Organised by
Jen has got me all excited for Christmas and having seen some mince pies in
Sainsburys last week, you know I had to have a few!

Let me know your favourites from this past month in the comments below

4. Tanya Burr Nail Polish in Penguin Chic –
Lets be
honest. I didn’t hold much hope for this polish when I bought it, a YouTuber is
grasping her moment and brings out a range of nail varnish and lip products but
let me tell you that this product lasts and lasts. After a million Nate nappy
changes, after copious amounts of cleaning this polish didn’t budge and I could
wear it for 7 days straight without feeling the need to take it off. You know
what I have asked on my Christmas Gift List!

5. Good Morning Girls – If you have been following
my blog you know I have been blogging through the bible I have really enjoyed
this method of reading and studying and it has kept me accountable to daily

6. Yankee
Candle in Orange Splash
– I love a Yankee Candle and this was
one of their new fragrances this Summer their description of the fragrance is
“Like a burst of golden sunshine the bright, sparkling aroma of juicy, just
picked oranges.” Sounds good to me, I think this is perfect smell for the
kitchen especially having made a batch or two of pasta sauce or after a helping
of burritos it really cleans the smell of the kitchen.

7. Organized Like Jen
During August I got into a mad organising phase. We ha a major
clear out of our garage, I cleared and organized my make up drawers, the
kitchen, the utility, Nate’s bedroom, you name I organised it. Anyway Jen’s
YouTube channel popped up in my subscription feed and I just love her practical
advice and help on a number of projects. You must take a look at her my housewife life
channel as well, I had to watch her 2 Christmas Vlogs and it has got me so
excited for Christmas.

8. Rosh Hashanah Challah –
Luke and I baked our
customary Challah bread for Rosh Hashanah, you can read more about the Jewish
Feast and why as Christians it is important to remember the Jewish New Year here

9. Carmex Lip Treatment in Peach –
Such a natural
lip colour and perfect for the Autumnal weather approaching.

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