Siesta Scripture Memory Team–SSMT 2015

I know I say I am excited when I start a post but really I am sooooo excited for this one. If you have been a friend to my random blog for a while you may recall this post telling you all about the Siesta Scripture Memory Team  and why I take part.

Well I am thrilled that via Beth Moore’s blog we are back memorising scripture together as a community, as usual it starts the 1st and 15th of every month so by the end of 2015 you will have memorised 24 pieces of scripture what a way to spend the year!

At our church’s Women’s ministry Freedom The Living Room (you need to come!) my Pastor Del was speaking on how important it is to not only to read the Bible but to speak it and say it over our lives and this is exactly what SSMT is all about.

I have my spiral at the ready, I have a few ideas on scripture I really want to take heart this year so why not join us. Here is the post telling you all about SSMT and how to create your spiral if you would like!

I will be posting my scripture here on my blog every month so keep your eyes peeled for it!

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