Slimming World Meal Plan Five

Hey all! How has your week been on plan?
This week has been a bit of a struggle but not in the traditional sense of wanting cheat meals, or scoffing chocolate and cake but in trying to get in all my Healthy Extra’s!
With breastfeeding I am currently allowed an additional 4 Healthy Extra’s and I try to keep the focus on A choices. I honestly feel I am consuming a huge block of cheese a week, so have tried to change my go to options for instance having a glass of chocolate almond milk at night or making a homemade latte during the day.
If any of you are breastfeeding and doing Slimming World what do you do to get all your healthy extra’s in? I would love to know!

This week I tried some new recipes, perhaps not the best idea with a teething 3 and a half month old, but we managed it and I have got to say I was really impressed with how the fishcakes turned out, well worth a try!
On to the weight loss  for this week – I lost a pound which is great considering the huge weight loss I had the week previous. I am now only one and a half pounds away from hitting my target I set for while I am breastfeeding, I am so excited!!
Anything after that number will be a bonus and I am so grateful to Slimming World for keeping my eating in check this time around, it is 100% not a diet but I complete lifestyle change.

SW Meal Plan 5

Monday – Vegetable Singapore Noodles (Slimming World Extra Easy All in One Cookbook)
Tuesday – Fishcakes and Salad
Wednesday – Cottage Pie (made with Turkey Mince as I hate beef!)
Thursday – Heck Sausage Pasta
Friday – Hunters Chicken
Saturday – Roast Chicken Dinner
Sunday – Leftovers

Let me know what you have on your menu planner for the week ahead!




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